AB Data - List Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can I use a list?
Standard list rentals allow for one use of the list. If you would like to get lists for more than one marketing effort, you should negotiate those conditions when making the initial purchase. Many list owners will allow multiple uses, but only if approved in advance.

2. What are the costs involved in renting a list?
A standard list rental will involve a per/thousand rental fee of anywhere between $60.00 and $150.00. (Prices vary so please get a quote for each list.) In addition to the rental fee, there are charges for any "selects" you make. For example, if selecting names only in a certain state, there is a state select fee of $6.00 per thousand. Other than rental and select fees, the only other charges involved are for the output media (labels, diskette, etc.) and shipping.

3. How do I order a list and how long will it take?
After determining your best audience, we must contact all list owners and obtain permission to use their lists. This process takes 1-4 working days. To obtain permission, you will need to provide list owners with your mail date, the number of names you wish to mail and a copy of your mail piece. After receiving permission to use a list, you should allow 5-7 days for processing of your list orders.

4. What is a "minimum-order quantity?"
Most list owners have established minimum order quantities. The industry standard minimum-order quantity is 5,000 names. That means you must purchase at least 5,000 names from each list.