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List Brokerage

At A.B. Data, we know that no matter how compelling your offer, or how beautiful your package, no direct mail campaign will succeed unless it reaches the right audience. Our seasoned staff of list brokers specializes in helping mailers reach just that audience.

We will work with you to determine the best audience for your mailing. Then our staff of list brokers will go to work on your behalf to obtain the best possible lists for your project.

The A.B. Data specialties...

Jewish Market: A.B. Data has specialized in marketing to and for the Jewish community for over 20 years. Our unparalleled success in this market has earned us a reputation as the Jewish List Company. Our clientele ranges from large non-profit mailers to small business-to-business mailers. Regardless of your target market, when trying to reach the Jewish community, A.B. Data can help you do it.

Progressive Political Market: A.B. Data has vast experience in working with the progressive political market. For over 20 years, our expertise in this market has helped Democratic candidates and organizations achieve their direct marketing goals.

Business-to-Business: A.B. Data has access to over 300,000 businesses nationwide. You may select businesses based on a variety of criteria including: geographic location, employee size, sales volume, Standard Industrial Code (SIC), and phone numbers.

Business-to-Consumer: A.B. Data has access to over 150,000,000 individuals at their home addresses. These consumer databases contain a wide variety of demographic information like age, household income, marital status, type of home, etc. Additionally, consumer lists also contain lifestyle information like preferred hobbies, reading habits, charitable giving habits, pet owners, etc. The diversity of information available allows you to reach exactly audience you desire.